The empowerment of local communities remains a priority, and the technology we implement aims to support further employment, skills development and management efficiencies. We assist farmers in managing a variety of quality and risk factors. We encourage and are in full support of local communities taking quality produce and products to market.


We have established long term relationships with international and local cultivation partners which have been evaluating South Africa for its cultivation experience, climate efficiencies for agriculture and cultivation standards for regenerative practices, agricultural produce focusing on food scarcity, hemp derivatives and supportive plant medicines.  

Our local partners ensure their operations meet the highest operational standards for cultivation, research and development, export and import. We facilitate off-take agreements based on international and local interest in Africa, in close consultation with indigenous people, flora and fauna, land and understanding of our Indigenous Knowledge Systems.

Agricultural Ethos

We have developed a good rapport amongst medical practitioners and traditional healers. This further supports our ambition to conduct many more clinical and qualitative studies in the near future for the benefit of overall public health.

We conform to the highest standards for cultivation, production and manufacturing. We support the ethical cultivation and processing of natural supplements and plant-based medicines. 

Help MultiDime cultivate profitable solutions which will return meaningful results for researchers, rural farmers and communities.

Agri Management

Using sophisticated satellite, drone and biological monitoring technology, we are able to support the management of agricultural operations and make data driven decisions.

Our drone tech and Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an end to end solution which covers:

  • Orchard Management
  • Problem Tree Identification
  • Pest & Disease Management
  • Yield Management


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