We believe in the sustainable value of organic, naturally grown produce. MultiDime and its natural science partners, scientists and technicians in the fields of agriculture and plant medicine sciences, have been actively producing quality raw plants and  supportive medicines for safe application and consumption of our fellow humans. We strive for organic excellence.

Product development

Learn more about the latest research and developments in health and wellness. Discover the true value of plant-based medicines and the opportunities for self-improvement. In joint collaboration with technical partners locally and internationally.


Fulvic Acid Solutions

A product of decomposition that feeds life.

For the Earth – The manufacture of Fulvic Acid (CHD-FA) can require a specific regimen of Pressure, Temperature, Oxygen and Reverse Osmosis Purified Water, presents an ideal extension to address climate change. Benefits organic farming as an alternative to chemical fertilizers, drought resistance resilience conferred to plants), 

For food security (healthy plants and animals) and

For human health, with less dependence on aggressively prescribed pharma drugs synthesised from fossil fuel derived chemicals.


Invest in Cultivation and Distribution

Clinically tried and tested for 13 years.   

The uniqueness of the ImmonuClean™ Drops, lies in the formula and the addition of 16 compounds extracted from 12 plants with specific functions in the immunological response and process of the body.  

For the past 29 years the developers of ImmunoClean have weaved a remarkable pathway for healing in micro African markets using affordable self-produced African plant-based products. Partnered with Dubai and India for research and clinical trial support, with international administration through hospitals and medical facilities in Ethopia, Kenya and Nigeria.

Supportive medical protocol, in treatment of;

1. Cancer, 2. TB, 3. HIV / AIDS; 4. Malaria; 5. Hepatitis; 6.Cholera; 7. Respiratory Infections;            8. Heart Conditions, 09. Immunity Treatments         

 ImmunoClean certified for effective immune boosting support.  

PlantTech for Wellness

MultiDime provides stakeholders with an opportunity to participate in product development through R&D. Join the evolution in supportive plant medicines.  

MultiDime works with absolutely organic produce, non-GMO, tested for heavy metals, contaminants, plant growth regulators, toxic pesticides, etc. We limit any non-natural chemicals or additives to our product line, and strive for 100% natural organic products. Our laboratories meet Good Laboratory Processes (GLP), cultivation experts follow Good Agricultural Process (GAP), our products follow Good Manufacturing Processes (GMP) and ethical organic cultivation methods. We invest in and support scientific research and analysis on medicinal plants and processing methods, subscribing to safe and effective methods for administration and application.


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