Our Value System

We leverage production methodologies, processing, manufacturing, distribution and consumer marketing to enable valuable ecosystems. With a specific focus on research and development, production efficiencies, technology management and community development. We facilitate the inputs and outputs required to deliver quality product and services. MultiDime serves as catalyst to enhance the ability of experts in their respective fields to function optimally, while contributing positively to the entire ecosystem.

We are continually developing ethical and transparent investment opportunities and connect financially viable operations across the agricultural and complimentary plant medicine sectors in South Africa.


MultiDime takes great pride in the credibility it has established with our clients and the value developed in our product range over the years. Which has been effective in treating the diseases and ailments of many people.  

MultiDime is centric on developing complimentary plant medicines which are affordable, accessible, effective and meet the highest quality production standards. MultiDime focuses on constant research and aligns with subject matters experts in various fields to ensure we remain neutral and unbiased. 

We assist Biotech facilities and subject matter experts with resources, plant and continuing research data to support advocacy for plant-based medicines. 


To MultiDime, agritech means the introduction of technology to ensure consistent and efficient output, whilst ensuring we deploy regenerative practices in these daily activities. 

We see the implementation of technology as an opportunity to improve the efficiencies of an operation, whilst simultaneously increasing the demand for employment, skills transfer and training.  

Work with MultiDime as we develop automated agricultural standards developed by our leading industry experts. 

Learn more about our artificial intelligence technology for crop management.

Our Community

MultiDime is a multi-cultural, diversified community, with the principles of developing a collectively inclusive environment. With an intrinsic aim to demonstrate the value of our indigenous people and plants and assist in translating their value to society.

We assist in bridging the gap between economic and health inadequacies experienced by people in South Africa and the world. We believe the value of a business lies in the value we bring to people. 

Agri Investments

MultiDime has selected land and agricultural crop which is unique to this country, with low accessibility and high demand. Our agricultural partners ensure we meet ethical and highly effective cultivation standards to allow for adequate testing and the production of consistent high quality agricultural produce and supportive plant medicines.   

In addition to traditional agriculture, MultiDime supports licenced and permitted cannabis cultivators, by mobilising resources and expertise into these operations to showcase the benefits of cultivating in South Africa’s and it’s ability to compete in the global arena. 

Enquire about our Commerical Agricultural Land. 

Cultivation partners enquire about Agricultural projects and expertise. 

Work with MultiDime as we bring the Farmer to Market.  

Plant-based Medicines

Decades of work has been done by our medical experts, natural science practioners, ethical traditional healers in the testing and administration of traditional plant-based medicines. 

Cannabis and hemp are one of many plants we constantly assess and research for transparent, non toxic cultivation standards, medical efficacy and safe application. 

Learn more about plant based medicines. 

Assist us in further identifying the medicinal benefits of these plants and support in the advocacy for the safe application and distribution of these complimentary medicines to the market. 


Our Compliance arm ensures that MultiDime agri-projects are managed and remain compliant with the prevailing standards. 

To ensure that we engage partners and markets in a safe and transparent manner. Our Agri-compliance partners have allowed MultiDime to support research and advocacy for the cultivation and administration of supportive medicines. 

Work together with MultiDime as we develop agricultural standards to be implemented by our rural and informal agricultural communities. 

Media and Tech Agency

We have strategic implementing agents to perform the ongoing media and technological requirements for MultiDime and its partners. 

With a strong focus on privacy, security and enterprise digital marketing services, innovative solutions and automated processes. 

Training and Skills Development​

To provide formal education and support to traditional healers with information pertinent to plant based medicines, its benefits, safe administration and application of these complimentary medicines. 

MultiDime is launching an academy for natural sciences. Globally recognised by accredited natural science practioners.

Farmer to Market

We understand the concept of farm to market. 

Our concept is farmer to market. We attribute value to farmers that intrinsically identify with sustainable, organic and regenerative practices. We bring the farmer to the market, and allow the farmer to actively understand the market needs and it’s immediate experiences. The engagement between farmer and market, will allow for the cultivation of produce based on the specific needs and demand of the market. 

Participate and help bring the finest quality produce to our local markets. 


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