MultiDime has formed investment type options based on an in-depth and ongoing involvement in the African agricultural landscape. 

MultiDime is centric on changing the economic disparities faced by the vast majority of South Africans. We have vetted the country’s most influential partners that support our overall objective of building community resilience and establishing equitable markets & total community participation and empowerment. 

Stakeholder Ethos

MultiDime facilitates investment which is supported by Independent financial auditors, legal, financial and technical teams. 

We work alongside our strategic partners with a commitment for transformative solutions, share a unique approach to holistic value creation and support reinvestment into organic ecosystems.

Our structures are developed in line with market requirements and sentiment. MultiDime has a long term view on our investment options.

Stakeholder Access

We want to give our members the accessibility and freedom to actively participate and support projects which they are most aligned with, by providing opportunities to contribute directly into operations or value chains. 

Our members will have the ability to track the performance of their investment in specific operations  and be updated with reports and data to illustrate the development of these sectors.  

Become a member and crowdfund the project, you wish to see succeed.


Value Creation and Distribution

We understand the value of plant medicines, food security and health and wellness. With this understanding, we seek to represent fairness and equitable distribution of value within the market, through:

  • Constant engagement with industry experts,
  • On-going due diligence on all operations,
  • Scrutiny of risk factors,
  • Reporting, monitoring and feedback on performance. 


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