CannaHemp Value Chain

South Africa could one day be considered one of the most formidable regions on the planet for the cultivation of large scale hemp operations. For this to take place, we need to unite as a Nation and address the issues deterring the ability of the majority of South Africans to participate and benefit fairly from this natural resource. We believe hemp to be the initiation for fully regenerative practices and circular economic activities to benefit millions of people in South Africa.

Our Stance

We see rural agricultural communities as the forerunners for the holistic development of Hemp production in South Africa. We see this plant as a very important step to bringing significant economic and health benefits to not only rural communities, but all South Africans.

We see private sector and governmental involvement, as a viable way to support the development of this sector. 

We have further developed models that are focused on the ethical, regenerative and transparent investment opportunities into both established and emerging operations. Accessible to both local & international stakeholders, our audited agricultural portfolios are fully compliant and a collective step towards the success of the CannaHemp Value Chain.

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Agritech and Community

Working together with our NGO partners and rural agricultural communities, to develop low cost solutions with high value output.

Align with MultiDime as we work together with our partners in resourcing these communities to become self reliant and economically uplifted. 

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Indigenous Plants and People

MultiDime in collaboration with traditional healers, certified natural science and medical practitioners have been working together for many years in establishing the value and benefits of the indigenous plants.  

Hemp has been used effectively by the indigenous tribes of Africa for hundreds of years for a variety of applications. Facilitated correctly with the indigenous cultivators of this plant, refined hemp could provide these communities, with access to effective complimentary medicines, live stock feed, textile fabrication, biofuel, hempcrete, hemp seed oil, etc. these are a just few outputs which these communities could benefit from immediately. 

Legislation however continues to remain restrictive in the commercialisation for large scale cultivation and processing.The inclusion of our rural, indigenous people and plant are critical in the improvement of Global health and wellness.

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Compliance partners ensure operations perform optimally and are audited to remain compliant in respect of current operating  standards. Ensuring we maintain Good Agricultural Processing (GAP), and Good Manufacturing Processing (GMP) standards allows us to produce products in line with market specifications. 

We focus on researching the benefits of industrial hemp solutions, in preparation of progressive legislation based on the future potential developments in this sector.  

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Stakeholder Opportunities

We support permitted hemp cultivators  for the continued research and development of hemp. This forms part of MultiDimes R&D implementation strategy for this sector.  

MultiDime works with licenced cultivators of Hemp and Cannabis for export. Beyond the possibility of these operations achieving profitable financial returns, this will also form part of our R&D in understanding the medical efficacy and safe application of Cannabis. 

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CANNABIS Communities

In the context of understanding public health & safety, and the overall commercialisation of this sector, MultiDime is in full consent of the proposed framework for Cannabis for the Private Purposes Bill. We recognise the efforts of South African government and regulatory bodies in considering the proposed framework for private use.  

As a collective and on behalf of rural agricultural communities, we have raised concerns on the exclusion of existing indigenous plant and people and the impact this would have on the custodians of our heritage . 

Beyond the rights extended to South Africans to consume Cannabis privately, MultiDime views Cannabis communities as a social conduit for educating consumers on the potential health benefits of Cannabis and hemp.  These are platforms, to share experiences and knowledge, to educate budding community growers on Good Agricultural Standard Operating Procedures, and to enable social communities to share their ethically cultivated, organic Cannabis. It is simply not enough, to allow the general market to consume Cannabis. We need to develop an understanding for the medicinally supportive benefits of this plant. 

Over time MultiDime and its partners will work together with these social communities, to collate information and research to educate and  develop supportive measures, in the treatment of many of our current medical conditions and assist in reducing the impact on the currently ailing health care system. 


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