Our Community

Multidime works to foster development by incubating viable commercial operations within each community, based on a number of unique factors such as; basic needs analysis, soil and water quality testing, location and access.

“Sitting at our back doorsteps, all we need to live a good life lies about us. 

Sun, wind, people, buildings, stones, sea, birds and plants surround us. 

Cooperation with all these things brings harmony, opposition to them brings disaster and chaos.” 

― Bill Mollison, Introduction to Permaculture

Community growth involves direct skills transfer across a number of disciplines, and support of individual empowerment, and collective power. We achieve this by transparent funding and operational process processes, while working hand-in-hand with each individual community to support first and foremost, their their ongoing growth and development. We focus on supporting the physical, mental and spiritual wellness that all communities require to become self-reliant and then continue on an upward trajectory of growth, on their path.

Our core-focused community development approach has the following characteristics:

  • Access to training and skills development programs
  • key resources and business plans
  • New Business incubation support
  • Creates tangible value and lasting results. 

Our Position and Approach

MultiDime currently supports rural and commercial farmers that subscribe to Good Agricultural Process (GAP), Good Manufacturing Processes GMP (GMP) and ethical organic cultivation methods.

With every operation we undertake, Multidime initiates landscape regenerative and enhancement practices, such as Permaculture, Holistic animal management, Agroecology and Bio-dynamic farming. 

Through collaboration with you, our intention is to support as many communities as possible in getting access to the training, and skills development resources that will assist these communities in becoming financially sustainable.

This cross pollination will allow us to cultivate ethical and consistent grow standards through an integrated process with our commercial and rural farming partners.

Support MultiDime in developing ethical grow standards for emerging communities in South Africa!

The Impact of Lockdown

We have also begun investigating the impact and response of various communities as a result of lockdown specifically. As a result, we have access to community members who contribute to food security, informal traders and health committee community members.

The common thread is that the community can serve the community. By working with key members and organisations serving communities, a minimal contribution makes a meaningful impact. 

Our commitment to community is woven through all our areas of involvement based on our unique approach to sustainable value creation.

Rural Farmers and Urban Environments​

MultiDime, alongside it’s NGO partners are mobilising projects to assist communities with basic infrastructure and resources that will allow an immediate increase in their ability to focus on their individual ambitions and goals as the opportunities are created. 

We are focused on community development that further supports the growing plant-based industry experts and agricultural partners, in developing and producing effective the best quality complementary medicines to the market.

Assist MultiDime and its partners in transforming the lives of our communities! 


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