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Our Mission

MultiDime provides the conduit for ethical investment to flow into community-driven projects. With a focus on cultivation and production, that encourages natural and holistic wellness, while further incorporating the regeneration of ecosystems and biodiversity.  

We work alongside various partners to develop value chains that support, local economic development, organic cultivation methodologies, plant-based production, indigenous plant products, supplements and complimentary medicines. MultiDime supports the development of communities by facilitating investment in the promotion of viable business generation and the economic upliftment of the less fortunate.  We initiate and develop trade and co-operative opportunities through regenerative agricultural practices within the health & wellness sector.

Our mission is to create and maintain a healthy symbiosis between the value of our Earth’s resources and the people.

Our Value System

Our Community

Positioned to grow and support.

MultiDime is a cross cultural community platform, that focuses on members who share the ethos of collective inclusion, mutual growth and development. 

We seek to bridge the economic and social divide, to enable informal communities to connect with established sectors, encouraging access to rural agriculture and indigenous plants through fair trade practices. 

With your assistance and through collective engagements to create inclusive economic growth, we have the opportunity to; 

  • Channel positive change to the lives of many.
  • Create an ethos for a free-market economy and fair value exchange within our network
  • Restore the land to a highly diverse and effective eco-system 

Join the community and work with MultiDime as we translate the true value of our indigenous people and plants. 

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