African Potato Tincture 50ml


Medicinal plants have been used in traditional medicine around the world since prehistoric times and are the result of thousands of thousands of years of careful study. They are considered to be safe and effective with no or minimal side effects. They can be used in conjunction with pharmaceutical medication, but always best to consult your doctor beforehand.

Modern scientific studies are proving that medicinal plants are effective at treating a wide variety of ailments and are a safe alternative to pharmaceuticals. It seems that science is finally catching up with natural traditional medicine.

Druid’s Garden medicinal plants – HEALING AS NATURE INTENDED

Take half a dropper, two to three times per day under tongue or with a hot drink. Children U/12 take half a dropper once or twice per day.

Main benefits:

Treats Prostrate & Lung Cancer
Bladder infections
Treats Wasting Diseases
Inflammation & Arthritis

50ml dropper bottle

Ingredients: African Potato, Food Grade Alcohol, Water

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